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SynergEyes® Hybrid Contact Lenses

Remember when you had only two choices in contact lenses?

“Hard” (rigid gas permeable) lenses were best for crisp, clear vision, but were often irritating and uncomfortable. Soft contact lenses were the most comfortable, but often provided less-than-optimal vision. Now, a technological breakthrough makes having to choose a thing of the past.

SynergEyes® Hybrid Contact Lenses – The Best of Both Worlds

The “breathable” rigid lens center keeps eyes healthy while providing crisp, clear vision… even at night. The outer skirt gives you the all-day comfort of a soft lens

.Synergeyes Hybrid Contact Lenses

Why Not Optimize Your Vision?

No matter what type of vision correction you currently use, there’s a good chance you’re compromising on either clarity or comfort. With SynergEyes® there are no compromises.


Do you wear soft contact lenses?

If yes, you may be settling for less-than-optimal vision. Thanks to the rigid center optics of SynergEyes®, you can enjoy high-definition vision as never before.

Do you have astigmatism?

SynergEyes® is free from “toric lens rotation”, a common problem associated with soft toric lenses that causes inconsistent vision. SynergEyes® optics remain stable, delivering consistently clear vision – blink after blink.

Do you wear “hard” contact lenses?

If yes, you may be settling for less-than-optimal comfort. SynergEyes® eliminates the problem of irritating debris that can collect under conventional rigid lenses. And you won’t experience the annoyance of rigid lenses moving when you blink, or dislodging with your active lifestyle.

Do you still wear glasses?

If yes, you may have had a disappointing experience with contact lenses in the past. The hybrid design eliminates many problems people have had with contact lenses. SynergEyes® may very well be the contact lens breakthrough for your active lifestyle

Contact Lenses

As individuals today trend toward more active lifestyles, many are turning to contact lenses as an alternative to eyeglasses. Our eye doctors can help you to determine if contact lenses are right for you. We offer contact lens fittings for soft contact lens, daily disposable contact lenses, Freshlook colored, and rigid gas permeable lenses, as well as specialty fittings for multifocal  contact lenses, Synergeyes hybrid soft/hard lenses, patients with astigmatism and various corneal disorders, including keratoconus.

Acuvue Oasys contct lenses with Transitions
Acuvue Oasys with Transitions

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Each contact lens fitting is tailored to your individual visual needs. Our eye doctors understand that what works for some may not work for all and your feedback is an important element in the fitting process.

I have astigmatism. Can I wear contact lenses?

There are many contact lenses available today that can correct astigmatism. From soft toric contact lenses to rigid gas permeable lenses.

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When you order an annual supply of soft contact lenses, we will have them shipped directly to your home or office at no additional charge.

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We Sell Boston Contact Lens Solutions

Each kit comes with a bottle of Boston conditioning solution (3.5 fl oz), a bottle of Boston cleaner (1 fl oz), a contact lens case, and four single use vials of Boston enzymatic cleaner.