Do Your Contact Lenses Filter Blue Light? Oasys Max does.

Acuvue Oasys Max
Acuvue Oasys Max

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The next Level of ACUVUE® contact lenses are here! ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day has the highest-level blue-violet light filter* in the industry. Schedule your appointment now to see the MAX difference!

*Filtering of HEV light by contact lenses has not been demonstrated to confer any health benefit to the user, including but not limited to retinal protection, protection from cataract progression, reduced eye strain, improved contrast, improved acuity, reduced glare, improved low light vision, or improved circadian rhythm/sleep cycle. The Eye Care Professional should be consulted for more information.


Give Your Eyes a Break

Coumpter eye strain

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends following the 20-20-20 rule to ward off digital eye strain – take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and view something 20 feet away.

Although ongoing technology use doesn’t permanently damage vision, regular, lengthy use of technology may lead to a temporary condition called digital eye strain. Symptoms can include burning or tired eyes, headaches, fatigue, loss of focus, blurred vision, double vision or head and neck pain. Overexposure to high-energy, short-wavelength blue and violet light emitted from electronic devices may also contribute to digital eye strain.  Our eye doctors can suggest lens options such as non-glare, filtering lenses to help protect vision from harmful blue light.

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How to Protect Your Eyes From the Negative Effects of Blue Light

Today’s gadgets and devices are placing demands on your eyes that they are not equipped to handle naturally. Our society seeks efficiency and convenience, yet the very devices that bring those benefits have a downside, especially eye fatigue. By reducing the amount of blue light that enters the eye, you will  increase your comfort level and reduce eye fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and other related chronic discomfort.

Hoya Recharge anti-reflective treatment reduces blue light emitted by electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs and even energy efficient light bulbs by 10 percent compared to conventional anti-reflective treated lenses. (some blue light is important and therefore it is not necessary or desirable to block it all)

Hoya Recharge Anti Reflective Lens treatment is ideal for long lasting eye energy while using eyeryday devices.Book Your Eye Exam Online

Here is what you need to know:

  • School text books are rapidly moving to tablets
  • 72.5% of adults are unaware of the potential dangers of blue light to the eyes
  • 61% of adults experience eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices
  • 2 in 5 Millennials spends at least 9 hours per day on digital devices.

Benefits of Recharge Treatment

  • Blocks up to 10% of harmful blue light waves emitted by electronic devices.
  • Helps alleviate;e eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and blurred vision
  • Can help improve sleep patterns
  • Eliminates reflections, repels dirt and dust, and provides superior scratch resistance.

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